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The 5 People You’ll Need on Your Email Marketing Team

Email marketing plays an essential role in digital marketing with its great return on investment. However, it takes a team to get the most from email strategies.

If you want to create an effective email marketing strategy to reach out to your customers, you need an all-encompassing email team to drive the campaign and get the best possible results. 

These team members should have diverse backgrounds, an understanding of your niche audiences, and the drive to make the most of the resources available to them.

Here are the five people you need in your email team for an effective email marketing campaign. 

  • Strategist

An email strategist drives an email campaign considering all the necessary questions and ensures that everything goes smoothly to achieve the goals you want to with your email marketing strategy. 

They have to consider how your email marketing campaign can help your brand grow and achieve your marketing goals. A strategist plays a significant role in your email marketing team structure because the effectiveness of a campaign depends on their skills and, consequently, their strategies.

A strategist must:

    • Have the ability to link customers to relevant content at various stages of a sales cycle
    • Understand how to form buyer personas through detailed research on the target audience
    • Have the skills to track, analyze, and evaluate campaigns’ effectiveness. 
  • Designer

The look of any platform and its related content, be it social media, website design, and print, is essential to attract the intended viewers right away. Similarly, emails also require proper designers to create an outlook that instantly grabs people’s attention. However, it is even more important here because the designers must possess skills to design emails that are compatible with all devices. 

Designers need to work closely with strategists and developers to create a design that works well with different inboxes, including Outlook, Gmail, etc. They generate sample templates that align with the goals of the campaign. 

A designer must ensure the template:

    • Communicates the brand’s message properly
    • Is flexible to different contents like GIFs, long-form writing, videos, and personalization variables
    • Is consistent with the brand’s logo, tagline, color, and other features
  • Writer

The current email marketing world relies heavily on its content, which is a writer’s job to create. A compelling message with clear and concise language will resonate the most with the readers, and even the best of the design can’t sometimes cover up for that. 

You will find that even a straightforward and generalized text of an email with a powerful copy can result in high engagement for a campaign and convert leads to customers

Emails can have more than one writer, especially newsletters where you need content from various company departments to be formulated into one piece. People can use collaboration tools like Miro’s online whiteboard to sync their ideas better and create a coherent text. 

  • Developer

A developer works in conjunction with the designer and strategist for an email campaign. They ensure if the current variables satisfy the goals of an email campaign and if the design responds to the various inboxes and devices. 

Furthermore, developers look after the optimization practices and ensure that the essential integrations are activated. They have to confirm all emails and tools function optimally for the upcoming campaigns.

If integration is done right, it enables detailed analytics, personalization, and nurturing to make a campaign great. A good developer also ensures the appropriateness of an email template and its responsiveness throughout platforms. 

Developers can use responsive email languages such as MJML and affordable email marketing tools to collaborate better with developers and strategists and produce a powerful campaign. 

  • Data Engineer

A data engineer plays an essential role in an email marketing campaign, where they optimize integration for the developer and explain the campaign performance to the strategist. 

A data engineer ensures your email campaign doesn’t have blank fields or failed segmentation. They need to work on the massive amounts of data with the strategist to include the right data and pull out any irrelevant info that will not add value for the recipients. 

Furthermore, a data engineer must consider performance data for better future campaigns and look for data opportunities to personalize campaigns. They perform A/B testing for emails to determine which version best targets your audience and evaluates your campaign’s performance with data review and comparison. 


Emails are perhaps the most effective way to take your messaging right to the target audience. A reliable team of experts can ensure that your emails are opened and acted upon right away. That’s what differentiates an amateur marketing campaign from a great one – it gets results. 

A capable team ensures that your brand’s overall goals are met and that your audiences not only love the emails but also act upon them.